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01 March 2021

We have a national road map, and we have a plan to reopen on the 12th April! We are really looking forward to welcoming guests again in the not too distance future, and subject to the three-stage national guidance that has been published.

We do understand that you guys might have some questions so here is a little update on our plans over the coming months.

Firstly, the big question!

Q What if there is another lockdown? 

A Well, we would give you a refund of course!

We all hope that this is the last time we are confined to our homes, but if we have learnt anything over the past year it is to expect the unexpected. Please take a look at the special amendments section of our cancellation policy to find out more.

Q So, what are the rules and when can I book a holiday?

A Here is a little summary of the guidance for you just in case you missed it!

  • From 12 April 2021 – Single households or support bubbles can stay away from home overnight.
  • From 17 May 2021 – Groups of six from different household may meet indoors or two households may meet together indoors (in this instance the group numbers can exceed 6 people)
  • From 21 June 2021 – There will be no legal limits on household mixing.

When you book a property, we will ask for detailed information about your party. This will include, names, residential addresses and contact information. We do this for two reasons;

  • We are required to collect the information by law for the purpose of track and trace.
  • In the event there are changes to the guidance or timeline, it helps us to prioritise contact with the people most likely to be affected by the changes.

We are awaiting further guidance on whether the rule of six will include children. Until this is clarified, we are including children in the rule.

Q I have a booking between the 12th April and the 21 June 2021 can it still go ahead? 

This depends on whether your party numbers comply with the regulations outlined above. We are speaking with all of our booked guests to discuss their specific circumstances and make alternative arrangements. This is taking some time, so if you need assistance with your booking, please feel free to email us on

Q I have a booking and I don’t think I comply with the new guidance, what are my options? 

We try to be as flexible as possible in these circumstances, and there are several potential remedies.

  • You may wish to consider reducing your party size in order to comply with the guidance.
  • You may wish to move your booking to an alternative date. Amendments to dates will be subject to any price increases or decreases dependant on the dates you select will be applied to your booking and added or discounted from your final payment.
  • You may wish to cancel and receive a refund for your booking in line with the special amendments section in our cancellation policy.

We would encourage you to get in touch to discuss these options, You can contact us on email or call us on 07917 532469

Q How safe is it to stay in a Holiday in Croyde property 

We are proud of the measures that we have put in place to make sure our properties are COVID safe. This includes electrostatic misting of each property between guests. You can find out more about the action that we have taken in our document ‘What you need to know’.

Recognising that we all have a role to play in controlling the spread of COVID 19 we have also produced a second document detailing how you can help to keep the properties safe during your stay. Please take a look at the ‘How you can help’ section before you place a booking.

What you need to know

This information details the steps that Holidays in Croyde have taken to help reduce the risk of COVID 19 infection for guests and staff of Holidays in Croyde.

Using the Professional Association of Self Caterers (PASC) cleaning protocols and risk assessment guidelines we have reviewed all our activities and each of our properties. This work enabled us to develop new cleaning standards and protocols that meet the government requirements to maintain a COVID secure environment.

All staff have been trained in the new protocols and their work will be checked on a regular basis to make sure that we are getting it right.

We have had to make some difficult decisions, and if you have stayed with us before, you may find that there are some small changes. Probably the most difficult decision has been to change the check in and departure times for guests. You will now be able to self-check into our properties using a key lock box from 5pm on your arrival day and we ask that you vacate the property by 9 am on the day of your departure.

This was a necessary decision, in order to accommodate the additional time needed to safely clean and prepare a property and we hope that you appreciate it has been taken in the best interests of our guests and cleaning teams.

A summary of the other key changes is provided below. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch, we are all learning this new world together!!

Contact Information

We will ask you prior to arrival to provide the names and addresses contact information of all members of your party. We collect this information to comply with test track and trace government guidelines. You will be asked, for names, addresses, contact phone number and email address. Please email all of this information to in advance of your arrival date.

Arrival and Property Information

We have taken the decision to remove all paper copies of property information packs (as well as the ever-increasing pile of information leaflets) and instead will send these to you via email in advance of your stay. We hope that this will have the added benefit of allowing you to start planning your stay and familiarise yourself with the property before you even arrive!

Your arrival information will now be included in this pack, so please keep your eye out for an email from us.

Preparing the properties

We have fully assessed the risks in each property and have made changes to the layout and decoration of the properties where we believe this will help to reduce the risk of infection. This has included the removal of all non-essential soft furnishings, such as throws, cushions, and spare bedding. If you need additional bedding, then please let us know, it is available.

We have also removed any decorative items in high traffic areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. This enables us to focus on cleaning the areas that really matter! Whilst this will have had a small impact on the aesthetics of the home, we hope that you will continue to enjoy the property and its facilities.

Cleaning the properties

The property will have been fully cleaned prior to arrival. The cleaning process will focus on high use areas and in particular frequently touched surfaces. This includes, light switches, bannister rails, door handles, remote controls, bed rails, entry keypads and keys etc.

All of our staff will wear gloves and aprons when cleaning the property and masks where appropriate.

We have reviewed all our cleaning protocols and developed checklists which will be completed at the end of each changeover by a supervisor, who will check the quality of cleaning and presentation of the property.

Our protocols aim to lower the risk of the virus surviving within the property. In the unlikely scenario that a guest falls ill when staying at a property we have developed enhanced cleaning protocols to address the increased risk of the virus in the property.

Cleaning will follow a two step processes

  • Pre clean with general purpose products and hot water.
  • Disinfection – Electrostatic Mist Disinfection

What is Electrostatic Mist Disinfection

Proper disinfection is immensely important in helping to eliminate the spread of the virus. There are lots of different ways that you can disinfect a property and we have chosen to use an electrostatic misting spray to do this.

Electrostatic Disinfection – This method uses an electrostatic spray to discharge positively charged disinfectant droplets which then ‘stick’ to surfaces. We believe this is the best solution for our properties because;

  • It enables large surface areas such as walls and floors to be evenly treated.
  • The mist is very fine and does not leave surfaces wet or damp.
  • It can treat soft furnishings such as bedding, cushions, and curtains.
  • The virucidal disinfectant has a prolonged efficacy, so it carries on working after it is applied, tackling any viruses that it comes into contact with.


With people being the main carriers of Coronavirus (the virus that’s leads to COVID-19), we must pay particular attention to how we treat our bedding  and towels, to make sure that the virus is removed. Heat is extremely effective at eliminating coronavirus.

Our bedlinen and towels are cleaned by a professional laundry service. All laundry is washed at above 60 degrees Celsius, as per recommended guidelines it is then dried and pressed between superheated rollers.

Bedding and mattresses will have been sprayed with a virucidal disinfectant mist, and mattress protectors will have been changed between each booking.

If you need additional laundry during your stay, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Two towels per person will be provided. Beach towels and hot tub towels will not be provided.

What is provided

We have reviewed what we provide for you during your stay, to make sure that it does not present any additional risks to you.

You will find the following items in your property to help you settle in;

  • Holidays in Croyde Welcome pack, including tea, coffee, milk and a sweet treat. PLEASE NOTE; Where previously you may have expected a small selection of kitchen basics such as salt pepper and oils, these are not provided.
  • Starter kitchen pack including, washing up liquid, sponge, dishwasher tablets, tea towels and oven gloves.
  • Starter Bathroom Pack including, hands soap and 2 toilet rolls in all the bathrooms.
  • Cleaning box, with method cleaning products, including antibacterial spray, bleach and disposable cleaning cloths. This will be located under the sink. Please note: There are no child locks on the sink cupboard doors, and method cleaning products are very ‘pretty’ (and environmentally friendly). If you have curious children in your party, you may want to relocate this box to a higher cupboard.
  • If your property has a wood burner or real fire it will be laid, and a small supply of logs will be provided.

Hot Tubs

If your property has a Hot Tub it will have been cleaned, the water changed and treated prior to your arrival. As such it may not have reached maximum temperature, until the evening of your stay. There is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread by hot tubs. The chemicals used to treat the hots tubs ensure the water safety, and that viruses cannot survive in the water. We would remind you of the need to maintain social distancing at this time, and therefore you should not allow anyone who is not using the holiday accommodation in the Hot Tub at any time.

For stays of 7 days or more we will attend the property to test the water at around the mid-point of your booking. We will notify you in advance of when we will arrive and would ask that you refrain from being in the outside area when we attend the property. It only takes 10 minutes.

More Information

If you would like more information, then take a look at our other information resources

  • COVID -19 – How you can help
  • COVID 19 – Departure guidelines
  • Things to do – Out and About
  • Things to do – Eating out.

If you have any questions, comments, of feedback for us please do contact us, as we are happy to help, as always.

We look forward to welcoming you to Croyde, very soon!           

How you can help

We all have a shared responsibility to help to control the spread of coronavirus. There are some things that you can do to help during your stay in Croyde, when you are out and about. This includes following the government guidelines of maintaining a 2m social distance where possible and 1 m at other times.

Croyde is a small village, and we welcome a fair few people every year to share in its delights. The centre of the village especially has narrow pavements, passing places can easily become blocked if people are meeting or gathering outside the shops or pubs.

If you are meeting or arranging to meet people in the village, please think about identifying meeting places outside of the village centre, to help prevent any crowding. Also factor in a little bit of extra time when travelling to and from a destination, to avoid any stress caused by delays due to traffic or social distancing.

Prior to Arrival

If you or a member of your party are un-well, we would ask that you do not travel to your holiday accommodation. This is particularly important if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild, of COVID 19, including a temperature, persistent cough, or anosmia (loss of taste or smell).


In order to accommodate the additional time that we will need to prepare the property between stays, we would ask that you do not arrive at the property before 5pm. Please note, this time may be different to that stated when you booked your stay.

We will contact you by text if your property is ready any earlier. If you arrive at the property earlier than the stated arrival time, you will not be able to park your vehicle, or leave any of your property at the premises until Holidays in Croyde staff have fully vacated the premises and we have confirmed via text that the property is ready.

Full arrival information will be sent to you prior to your stay on email. This will include the full property address and directions, as well as access codes to the property.


Hand washing

Handwashing remains the single most effective method of preventing the spread of coronavirus. We will provide hand soap in each of the bathrooms and toilets as well as in the kitchen area. If at any time you need more, please just give us a call and we can arrange a refill.


Guidance recommends regular cleaning as the best way to reduce the risk of cross infection. We know many of you will want to maintain high standards of cleanliness during your stay, as you would do in your own home. We have provided a selection of cleaning products in the property that you may wish to use. This includes, antibacterial spray, bleach, disinfectant and disposable gloves and cloths. Please note: There are no child locks on the sink cupboard doors, and method cleaning products are very ‘pretty’ (and environmentally friendly). If you have curious children in your party, you may want to relocate this box to a higher cupboard.


One area in which you can really help to maintain the safety of the property is ensuring crockery, cutlery and cookware is cleaned safely. For this reason, we would ask that you use the dishwasher, and that you use a high temperature wash. Dishwasher tablets are provided, so please don’t hold back on the use of the dishwasher!

Courtesy Calls and communication

Prior to Covid -19 we would have visited you shortly after your arrival to ensure that the property met your expectations and to answer any questions. To help to maintain social distancing, we will now make contact with you via text, email or telephone call on the first evening of your stay.

If it is necessary for us to visit the property at any time during your stay, we will arrange a time with you to do so. If you plan to be out at any point during the day, we will try to arrange our visit to coincide with the time you are away from the property. If this is not possible, we will agree a time with you. We will wear appropriate PPE when visiting you at the property, this will include gloves and face masks.

Things to do

Naturally you will want to try to plan some activities during your stay and many of the local businesses are planning to open in some capacity.

  • We have provided some brief guides to Croyde and the surrounding area on our website. This includes contact information and website details.
  • We would also share information on our Facebook page about local activities and businesses as they begin to reopen, so give us a like and keep up to date.

Please bear in mind that for many businesses the government guidelines will have changed the way they operate significantly, and pre booking is likely to be essential.

We would also recommend visiting the Visit Devon website for more information about local activities that are available.

If you are unwell during your stay

If you or any member of your party becomes unwell during your stay, you should contact us immediately on 07917 532 469. We will then talk through the steps you will need to take, including contacting the national test track and trace team.

It is important that if you can, you return home, to the place in which you are registered with a general practitioner in case you require further treatment.

More Information

If you would like more information, then take a look at our other information resources

  • COVID -19 – What you need to know
  • COVID 19 – Departure guidelines
  • Things to do – Out and About
  • Things to do – Eating out.

If you have any questions, comments, of feedback for us please do contact us, as we are happy to help, as always.

We look forward to welcoming you to Croyde, very soon!