Covid Policy - How you can help

We all have a shared responsibility to help to control the spread of coronavirus. There are some things that you can do to help during your stay in Croyde, when you are out and about. This includes following the government guidelines of maintaining a 2m social distance where possible and 1 m at other times.

Croyde is a small village, and we welcome a fair few people every year to share in its delights. The centre of the village especially has narrow pavements, passing places can easily become blocked if people are meeting or gathering outside the shops or pubs.

If you are meeting or arranging to meet people in the village, please think about identifying meeting places outside of the village centre, to help prevent any crowding. Also factor in a little bit of extra time when travelling to and from a destination, to avoid any stress caused by delays due to traffic or social distancing.

Prior to Arrival

If you or a member of your party are un-well, we would ask that you do not travel to your holiday accommodation. This is particularly important if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild, of COVID 19, including a temperature, persistent cough, or anosmia (loss of taste or smell).


In order to accommodate the additional time that we will need to prepare the property between stays, we would ask that you do not arrive at the property before 5pm. Please note, this time may be different to that stated when you booked your stay.

We will contact you by text if your property is ready any earlier. If you arrive at the property earlier than the stated arrival time, you will not be able to park your vehicle, or leave any of your property at the premises until Holidays in Croyde staff have fully vacated the premises and we have confirmed via text that the property is ready.

Full arrival information will be sent to you prior to your stay on email. This will include the full property address and directions, as well as access codes to the property.

During your stay

Hand washing

Handwashing remains the single most effective method of preventing the spread of coronavirus. We will provide hand soap in each of the bathrooms and toilets as well as in the kitchen area. If at any time you need more, please just give us a call and we can arrange a refill.


Guidance recommends regular cleaning as the best way to reduce the risk of cross infection. We know many of you will want to maintain high standards of cleanliness during your stay, as you would do in your own home. We have provided a selection of cleaning products in the property that you may wish to use. This includes, antibacterial spray, bleach, disinfectant and disposable gloves and cloths. Please note: There are no child locks on the sink cupboard doors, and method cleaning products are very ‘pretty’ (and environmentally friendly). If you have curious children in your party, you may want to relocate this box to a higher cupboard.


One area in which you can really help to maintain the safety of the property is ensuring crockery, cutlery and cookware is cleaned safely. For this reason, we would ask that you use the dishwasher, and that you use a high temperature wash. Dishwasher tablets are provided, so please don’t hold back on the use of the dishwasher!

Courtesy Calls and communication

Prior to Covid -19 we would have visited you shortly after your arrival to ensure that the property met your expectations and to answer any questions. To help to maintain social distancing, we will now make contact with you via text, email or telephone call on the first evening of your stay.

If it is necessary for us to visit the property at any time during your stay, we will arrange a time with you to do so. If you plan to be out at any point during the day, we will try to arrange our visit to coincide with the time you are away from the property. If this is not possible, we will agree a time with you. We will wear appropriate PPE when visiting you at the property, this will include gloves and face masks.

Things to do

Naturally you will want to try to plan some activities during your stay and many of the local businesses are planning to open in some capacity.

  • We have provided some brief guides to Croyde and the surrounding area on our website. This includes contact information and website details.
  • We would also share information on our Facebook page about local activities and businesses as they begin to reopen, so give us a like and keep up to date.

Please bear in mind that for many businesses the government guidelines will have changed the way they operate significantly, and pre booking is likely to be essential. 

We would also recommend visiting the Visit Devon website for more information about local activities that are available.

If you are unwell during your stay

If you or any member of your party becomes unwell during your stay, you should contact us immediately on 07917 532 469. We will then talk through the steps you will need to take, including contacting the national test track and trace team.

It is important that if you can, you return home, to the place in which you are registered with a general practitioner in case you require further treatment.

More Information

If you would like more information, then take a look at our other information resources

  • COVID -19 – What you need to know
  • COVID 19 – Departure guidelines
  • Things to do – Out and About
  • Things to do – Eating out.

If you have any questions, comments, of feedback for us please do contact us, as we are happy to help, as always.

We look forward to welcoming you to Croyde, very soon!




Croyde sits within its own bay and lies within North Devon’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The coastline offers some of the most dramatic scenery you will find in the southwest of England and is easily explored by following the South West Coast path which allows for fantastic views as well as access to secluded coves and beaches.

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